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Technical Specification

Specification Digital UPS & Inverters Line Interactive UPS On Line UPS Servo Stabilizers
Range 850 VA to 5 KVA 1 KVA to 7.5KVA 1 KVA to 100 KVA 1 KVA to 100 KVA
Input Voltage 230V ± 15% 230V ± 15% 230V / 415 ± 15% 10 170V to 270V
30 380V to 480V
Input frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz --
Power factor .6% lag .8% lag .8% lag --
Wave form SINE Wave Quasi Square Wave / SINE Wave Sinusoidal --
Wave form Distortion -- -- less than 5% --
Efficiency >80% >80% >85% --
Charger CVCC Charger SMPS Charger SCR Controlled CVCC Charger --
Battery Type Tubular SMF/Tubular SMF/ Tubular --
Battery Voltage 12V to 72V 12V to 72V 36V to 360V --
Temperature 0-40°C 0-40°C 0-40°C 0-40°C
Indicators Main on, Inv on Bat. Low,
Inv Trip
Main on, Inv on Bat. Low,
Inv Trip
Charges on, Inv on Mains on,
Inv trip Bat Low, over load
Mains on Low Cutoff High Cut off
Protection Input High
Input Low
Battery Low
Battery Over Charge
Over Load
I/p High
I/p Low
Battery Overcharge
Battery Undecharge
Over Load
Bat low
O/p Over Voltage
O/p Over load
O/p Short Circuit
Charger Current Limiter
Battery Over Charge
Phase failure
(for three Phase)
Under Voltage
Over Voltage
Over Load
Short circuit through
Indications LED / Digital (Optional) LED / Digital (Optional) Digital Meter Analog / Digital Meters